Extra-Curricular Activities

Chess – The Chess for Life morning club runs before school on a Tuesday from the Library. Year 2-6 are eligible to join. Registration periods are announced via the School Bulletin.

Choir – Choir runs on a Monday morning from 8.35am to 8.55am for any students in Years 3-6. The choir usually puts on one major performance each term, three in school and one major off site event. Members also get the opportunity to audition for choreography roles.

Knitting Club – This lunchtime club offered to students in Year 3-6 aims to teach students the basic skills of cross stitching, developing coordination, comprehension, critical thinking and Math skills.

IMSS – Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) provides instrumental lessons to select students from years 3-6. Instruments offered include the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double bass. The program includes weekly 30-minute group instrumental lessons, and before school string orchestra for most year 5 and 6 instrumentalists. Both of which are held on the school premises.
In year 2, 3 and 4, all students complete an aural perception test in term 4 during class music for instrumental intake the next year. Students are offered a place in the program based on their aural ability, as well as ability to follow instruction, level of responsibility, and ability to catch up on classwork missed due to lessons. This is a joint decision by the instrumental teacher, classroom teacher, and Music Specialist Teacher. As students can only be offered one instrument, and there is no option to swap instruments, it is suggested that students wait for the intake of their preferred instrument before accepting an offer.
• Violin and viola lessons begin in year 3.
• Cello lessons begin in year 4.
• Double bass lessons begin in year 5.
While lessons are free, families must organise to purchase/hire necessary materials and instruments when required.
More information can be found on the IMSS website or by emailing the Music Specialist Teacher.

Minecraft Club – Lunch time Minecraft Club is offered to students in year 1-6. Minecraft Education promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Due to its popularity amongst children at home timetables change accordingly each year.

River Rangers – River Rangers is a primary school cadet program for Western Australian students. At Coolbinia Primary School all students participate in the River Rangers program, from Kindy to Year 6. All classes are involved in the program through incursions, excursions and camps, related to caring for the environment and engaging in community service. River Rangers funding at Coolbinia PS is provided on a sliding scale to the various year levels, with the most funds allocated to Year 6 cadets to support their camps and leadership training. The program seeks to educate and engage school-aged children to help protect local rivers for the future. It aims to empower students to make positive changes to their local communities and waterways, and ultimately to their local river park. A key focus of the program is also to increase understanding of, and engagement with, the importance of conserving Noongar and European cultural history. River Rangers leads on in to the Bush Rangers Cadet Program.

Robo Club – Robo Club is an optional, afterschool activity offered to students in year 5 and 6. Robo Club provides an opportunity for students to take part in programming using EV3 Lego Mindstorm Robots and also BBC Micro:Bit mini computers. Over the last few years the Robo Club has enjoyed great success in both the Robo Cup and FIRST LEGO League robotic competitions.

Roots & Shoots Club – Offered to students in year 1-6. This group meets weekly at lunchtimes and is designed to bring children together to work on environmental, conservation and humanitarian issues e.g. planting butterfly host plants, conducting bird surveys and supporting Perth Zoo initiatives.

Student Leadership – Student leadership at Coolbinia Primary starts from Kindy and progressively provides new challenges and opportunities as the children move through different year levels. Young children are given appropriate responsibilities to help them develop confidence in leadership roles e.g. Pre-primary students undertake tasks for their teachers, Year 2 students thank incursion performers in front of the student audience, Year 3-6 students take on various sustainability leadership roles (Waterwise, Wastewise, Your Move-TravelSmart, EnergySmart, Roots & Shoots and River Rangers). In addition, in Year 6, at the beginning of the school year, students select leadership roles they would like to undertake. These roles include Councillors, Attaches, Mentors and Ambassadors. These students take an active part in running assemblies and are expected to set an example and coordinate various functions/activities throughout the year e.g. Anzac Day service, fundraisers, preparing sporting equipment, etc.

Sports Clubs – a variety of sporting clubs run programs before and after school during the term. As these change with each term please speak to the front office to find out more. Announcements of a club’s commencement are made through the school bulletin.