Cross Curriculum Priorities

Cross-Curriculum Priorities

The school’s approach to embedding the three cross-curriculum priorities of the Western Australian Curriculum is powering along. We are effectively embedding the following priorities into all learning areas:

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
• Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia
• Sustainability

All Kindy to Year 6 students participate in a wide range of programs that integrate the above priorities. Students learn with Noongar educators like Alton Walley, and Noongar artists including Melissa Spillman. Our Harmony Day celebrations, making up solar lantern kits for Asian countries, incursions and excursions all enhance our intercultural knowledge and understandings. Coolbinia Primary School’s work in sustainability has been recognised by many awards, including the United Nations Association of Australia’s World Environment Day Awards, Waste Sorted, Waterwise and Your Move awards.

During integrated sustainability lessons, students learn about waste, water, biodiversity, energy, air quality and much more. We care for school vegetable gardens and our bushland. Garden produce is cooked in the Kwobadarn (our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen).

Our school is a joyful place of rich learning and thoughtful actions.  Read all about it …