Vision and Beliefs

Our School Vision 

To provide an education that delivers excellent foundations in ongoing learning, encompassing the whole child and their place in the world.


Our Mission – Inspiring Growth

To inspire growth by delivering excellence in teaching and learning, through a team of skilled staff; engaged families and care givers; and active participation in the wider community.


Our Shared Values

Striving – Together we work hard to achieve our goals.

Responsibility – Our actions are the ultimate measure of the quality of our contribution to each other and our community.

Respect – We all have unique needs and perspectives that contribute to a wider understanding of the world.

Community – We all have a role to play in the development of children – peers, teachers, families and caregivers.

Childhood – We support a childhood as a time for play, learning and exploration.

Sustainability – We have a responsibility for the world we leave behind for the generations to come.

Character – We establish strong foundations that foster the positive qualities valued by our community.