Welcome to Coolbinia Primary School

Welcome to Coolbinia Primary School.  We cater for students from 4 years of age (Kindergarten) through to those who are completing their Primary education (Year 6).

We look forward to your involvement with Coolbinia Primary School and trust that a close and effective working relationship between the school and home will be established in order to ensure the optimum climate for the education of your child/children. The school regards parents as partners in education.

  • Coolbinia Primary School opened in 1955
  • Children come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.
  • The school has a history of outstanding academic achievement.

All enrolments, mail, general enquiries and financial transactions are completed through the school office (8:00am-4:00pm each school day).

The school Executive Team comprises:

  • Principal – Jayne Conley
  • Associate Principal – Debra Holland
  • Learning Support Coordinator - Rebekah Melville
  • Curriculum Leader - Julia Creasy
  • Manager Corporate Services - Chris Rowett

Regular newsletters inform parents/guardians of any necessary changes to information and serves to keep the community informed of school activities, organization and procedures.

We look forward to working with you to attain the best educational outcomes for your child/children.


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