Our Waste Sorted School

The Year 5 Waste Warriors in Rm 9 continue to maintain the worm farm, regularly collecting food scraps for the worms.  Furthermore, content from the worm farm was used in the Rm 9 garden bed, prior to it being planted with veggies.  Rm 10 Waste Warriors collect data and organise the Golden Broom Award.

In their Digital Technologies lessons, Rm 9 students have also been involved in analysing the data collected from the school’s Clean Up Day in March.  The findings demonstrated that we have improved dramatically in recycling food scraps.  This year no food scraps were found around the school grounds, but in 2021 students collected 28g of food scraps.  Similarly there was a big reduction in the littering of chip and lolly wrappers.  However, the weight of soft plastics found in 2023 (705g) was nearly double that collected in 2021 (394g).  Consequently, this year we will be targeting plastic pollution, aiming to reduce the use and littering of soft plastics.  Many thanks to all the students and Mr Wilson who worked on this anaylsis; with Julia’s work attached as an example.

Clean Up Australia Day – Rubbish Recording and Reduction 2023_JR

Rubbish Collection Recording 2023_JR

Year 4 children in Rm 8 have also demonstrated a commitment to being Waste Sorted by engaging with a STEM project called Plastic Oceans.  This project examines the issues and solutions for marine plastic waste.

Recently Year 6 Sustainability Leaders expressed concern about the litter they observed in the school yard and wanted to do something about this.  They took photos as evidence of the problem and will present a promotional PowerPoint at a future assembly to encourage all students to be thoughtful about their litter and to sort it into the correct bin.

Congratulations to all our students for being thoughtful and taking action as a Waste Sorted school!