At the end of Semester 1 a series of reviews were conducted with students to determine the effectiveness of various programs from the students’ perspective. The school respects and values ‘student voice’ because it enhances wellbeing, commitment to the sustainability programs, and deeper engagement in student learning. To find out what the students think about the Waterwise, Your Move, Wastewise and River Ranger programs please click here. Sincere thanks to all the staff who supported these programs at our school.

Year 3 Room 3 students managed the Waterwise roster during Semester 1, under the guidance of Mrs Gonzales. The children’s feedback included enjoyment of:

  • Being responsible for Waterwise duties
  • The Water Corporation visit and Kep the water leak detection dog
  • Incursion of wetlands

Their concerns related to:

  • The bird bath job was dirty because food scraps were left in the bird baths
  • The frog habitat didn’t have enough water

Mr Owen with the Year 3 students in Room 5 and Dr Lewis will address these concerns during Semester 2.

Your Move
Year 4 students in Room 9 organised all Your Move events in Semester 1 with the support of Ms Oxley-Smith, Ms Couch and Dr Lewis. A verbal PMI (Pluses, Minuses, Interesting ideas) was conducted with the class to determine their feedback about being the Your Move leaders. Some of the pluses were:

  • Lots of events during Terms 1 & 2
  • Everyone had a turn
  • Making a difference to the environment and sustainability of the planet
  • Your Move festival
  • It was exciting/fun
  • Making posters


  • Had to get up early on YM days and then wait for students to come
  • More notices about events
  • More events for each student to manage

Interesting ideas:

  • Have different events e.g. slow bike race, walk around Yokine reserve
  • Count how many steps to school competition
  • More fun, active events

Mrs Graca, Ms Gundlach and Dr Lewis will help students in Year 4 Room 8 manage Your Move activities in Semester 2. This work starts with a Your Move Leadership Lab to be held on 18 and 19 August for a group of students from this class.

Year 5 students in Rooms 7 and 10 were responsible for Wastewise tasks around the school. They managed the worm farm, composting and recycling programs. Room 10 students were very passionate about the need to improve attitudes and behaviours towards waste and outlined ten suggestions for action. Improvements to be made included, for example:

  • roster system to help monitor what goes into the food scrap buckets (e.g. no sandwiches, citrus peel, plastic)
  • colourful, bright worm bucket signs
  • reduce plastics at school and monitor its disposal

Mrs Melville, Mr Erceg and Dr Lewis will follow-up on these issues with the students over the coming semester.

River Rangers
Year 6 River Rangers identified the positives of the program:

  • Total Team Building day
  • First Aid session
  • It was something new to do!
  • Enjoyable, super fun activities
  • Educational, such as UWA excursion
  • Appreciated the range of environmental and social sustainability activities
  • Learn life skills & about other cultures
  • Tasting Aboriginal foods and culture
  • Exciting learning activities
  • Makes you think differently about Nature
  • Enjoyed STEM activities (resin & wax investigations)

The students also said they wanted:

  • More activities more often
  • More cooking
  • More incursions & excursions
  • Learn about rivers
  • More experiments & hands-on activities
  • Planting in the bushland
  • Meet more people in the community
  • Improve the school grounds

River Ranger teachers – Mr Joyce, Mrs Campbell, Mr Harris & Dr Lewis – will use this feedback when planning the Semester 2 program.