Thanks to those parents who provided us with valuable feedback about our Kiss and Drive. The general consensus from the majority of parents is the Kiss and Drive is a great initiative.

The P&C and the school have been planning this facility for over 12 months – this should reduce the congestion for parking that we have each afternoon on Glick Road. Parents from the P&C have been busy researching and writing up some rules and guidelines for our Kiss and Drive.

We have had information from a number of schools that have kindly shared their Kiss and Drive with us.

From Feedback we have had a few questions that we feel need to be addressed:

  • Staff and Parent Wardens – we will have school staff managing the Kiss and Drive and would appreciate any parent help to monitor the area – particularly in the first few weeks.
  • From the feedback – the surname notice on the underside of passenger side visor seemed to be the best option – staff can call names and students can be ready quickly.
  • Kiss and Drive will only be available for Year 1 – 6.  Pre Primary and Kindy students will still be collected from the classroom by a parent.
  • Kiss and Drive will be open from 3pm – parents using this facility should not arrive at the school before 3pm. All students should be able to be cleared in 15 minutes based on our research of other schools.
  • 3pm gives time for students in Kindy and Pre Primary to be collected from classes and vacate the parking on Glick Road.
  • 3pm gives time for students to leave classes, collect their bags and belongings and move to the designated collection area.
  • Parents arriving before 3pm should park and collect their children – not queue for the Kiss and Drive
  • Cars should be considerate of others when waiting to collect children – be mindful to not block parked cars and also that we have Sir David Brand School and local residents to consider.
  • We will have space to have 5 or 6 vehicles stopping to collect children at once. These cars should not pull out until the car in front has moved out. This will reduce the risks in the designated area.
  • Cars moving in and out of the carpark should be aware of pedestrians at all times – the pedestrians on footpaths always have right of way. Please make sure you Stop before moving across the footpaths
  • Some parents have the impression that this will increase the traffic in the area. Traffic on Glick Road in the afternoons is at a premium and by asking parents to use our Kiss and Drive after 3pm we should spread the number of cars over a longer period. The school would always encourage all families to consider walking or riding to and from school as a better option.
  • Students will be asked to only enter cars from the passenger side of vehicles (Kerbside) as this is the safest for all concerned. Parents should not move off until students are secured in seats in the car.
  • Students’ bags can be placed in the front passenger seat or on the floor in the back if room is available.
  • During rainy weather students will be in the undercover area or the verandah outside ELC 2 until their parent arrives and their names are called.