In the middle of last year seven Year 5 students attended the Global Citizenship Schools Youth Leadership Conference at Parliament House and learnt about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These students, now Year 6 leaders, selected numerous Goals they would like to work on over the following twelve months.

Project activities already completed include: conducting a school water audit, promoting World Car Free Day, making donations of stationery, holding a no technology day, reporting on progress for reducing our school carbon emissions (100 Tonne Plan) and investigating overseas student exchange programs.

The last task they set themselves was to raise funds for a well and sanitation equipment. This is happening on Harmony Day, 21 March. More on Harmony Day next edition.

These activities relate to the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Good health and wellbeing
  • Quality education
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Climate action


Congratulations to our hard working youth leaders!