Recently our Year 6 students went on excursion to UWA and made some amazing discoveries.  Here is a recount from one of our year 6 students:

“All the year 6s took a day long trip to the University of Western Australia, looking forward to a  great excursion.  It was a 15 minute bus ride and we couldn’t wait to arrive.  We scuffled up the twisting staircase until we reached our first destination, a lecture room run by genius lecturer/tour guide, Dilusha.  We took our seats and Dilusha started explaining the science of energy, magnetism, sonics and hypersonics, hypotechnics, engineering and charged atoms.  We learnt that energy is a flow of highly charged electrons which can be harnessed for power and electricity.  Some students were asked questions about electronics and energy, and got manually powered gyroscopes (if they got the answers right!). Then we moved on to the lunge room for our recess and the teachers and parent helpers got tea, coffee and biscuits. 

Next we moved into a large room where three students completing their PhDs showed us how to make miniature car motors out of copper wire, batteries, copper sticks, magnets and a plastic base.  The packet was entitled “World’s Simplest Car Motor” although, to be honest, it really wasn’t very easy to make!

After that we all split into groups and moved onto three more locations separately, including: 

  • An outside area where we viewed a converted electric car that took 2 years to convert
  • A room with motor testing, car simulators, electric scooters and an electric F1 racing car
  • A wind tunnel with winds up to a racing speed of 100kms an hour, for testing if structures will survive harsh weather.  

Finally we went next door to the river to do some water testing for River Rangers.  We measured the clarity, salinity, temperature and turbosity of the water.  We sung Miss George Happy Birthday too (because it was her birthday), spotted some dolphins and headed on home. 

Overall, we thought it was a great learning experience for everyone who participated – even the teachers. Everyone loved it and we would do it again in a flash.  We can’t wait for our next awesome excursion.”  

Written by Drew Dembo, Edited by Miss George

A special thanks to Professor Dilusha Silva for organising and facilitating this great experience for our kids. 

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