Just ask our Year 6 entrepreneurs!

This Year, our Year 6 fete was more exciting and creative than it has ever been before. As a year 6, it took a lot of work and effort but we finally made it. The staff of our school worked so hard to make our fete as special as it was.  We had 8 groups who persisted through the bad times especially since there was terrible weather on the day, where one group had to postpone their activity but still went around, lending a hand to others.  We all worked cooperatively & effectively to make it a fun day for everyone throughout the school. We even invited Sir David Brand students to have a browse and to try things out.


The 2017 fete was a huge success with most stalls selling out of their products rather fast. Some of the stalls included ZOD’s Food Fever, Bouncetatsic fun, The Cool-Lympic Games, Fruitalicious, Think & Drink, Mini game madness, Total Freedom and Run to Win. This year there were only 8 stalls at the fete and they made a lot of money – the first to sell out was ZOD’s food fever.


2017 fete’s theme was being active and healthy. I think that the fete was extraordinary with all the mouth-watering foods and the challenging games. As an estimated profit we earned $3000 which will be going towards a gift to the school and our year 6 graduation.