I did cooking and it was awesome!

On Friday 1 June, Room 10 Year 4 made Chicken Stir Fry! Everybody worked hard on this dish and it turned out amazing not to mention awesome. In this cooking session we had some help from Mrs Hadfield, Mr and Mrs Wodington, Mrs Phillis and Mrs Reubenson and of course we can’t forget Ms Chodiman and Mrs Assness. It was fantastic!  Written by Tayla H. (Room 10)


Who said cooking wasn’t easy?                                                                                                                                                             

Room 10 made Chicken Stir Fry on Friday 1 June. It was tasty and definitely worth it. Year 4  is the place to be right now. The chicken completed the meal and everyone enjoyed it. A great thanks to all the parents that came to help. We also couldn’t do it without the awesome work of Ms Chodiman who organised this cooking session. The help of Mrs Assness was a great help too. It was excellent! Written by Jasmine W (Room 10)