This week is World Refugee Week and Wednesday 20 June is World Refugee Day. To support this worthy cause some staff have committed to taking the Ration Challenge. This requires us to live on the same quantity of rations as a Syrian refugee living in the camps in Jordan for one week.

We started on Sunday and we each have Rations consisting of 420g rice, 170g lentils, 85g of dried chick peas, 125g tinned sardines, 400g tinned kidney beans, 300ml vegetable oil, 1 food coupon-rice and 1 food coupon-flour. No coffee, tea, or alcohol!!

With donations we can earn spice, vegetables and by putting this in the newsletter-Pepper and Salt.

It  is definitely a huge challenge to last on refugee rations all week but I know it will be worth it because of the difference it will make. Your donation will help provide Syrian refugees with urgently needed food rations, shelter and healthcare as well as providing long-term support through education and livelihoods. We all really appreciate your support. If you’ve got a spare minute would you mind sharing our fundraising page and asking others you know to support the cause? Every extra donation we can get really helps.

You can share it using this link: