Our Yr 5 and 6 students are working with the amazing Angela Rossen, Environmental Artist, this week.

They are creating a stunning painting showcasing wetland creatures.  These workshops are being funded by River Rangers and have been fantastic.  The students were highly engaged in the full day workshops, and shared some reflections below.

Today we did painting with Mrs Rossen.  We were split into three groups over three stations.  The first station was the iScopeStands, where you use an ipad over a magnifying lens and look at flora and fauna.  The second group was drawing birds and insects. The last group was painting on a large canvas with Mrs Rossen.  I learnt that when using the paint brush you have to push on the canvas lightly. – Kyle

My experience working with Mrs Rossen was really fun.  I painted a Yellow White Eye (Silvereye).  It looks really great!  I also looked at wetland bugs and other creatures with an iScope.  I saw a spider, feather, mosquito larvae and some leaves, like fern, Eucatyptus and Wattle.  I really liked painting and drawing my bird … and doing everything today! – Matthew

Today we did painting and my favourite part was painting on the background because I got to make new colours and it was sooooo much fun!  The hardest part was drawing the creatures because they had to look to scale and we could only use a pencil. – Alexio

We experienced an incursion with an artist, Mrs Angela Rossen, today.  We did painting, viewing Wetland Wonders (creatures) and sketching plants and animals.  We had a great day and learnt a lot.  We learnt many ways to paint and draw.  It was really fun and interesting.  It was very interesting using the iScope for Wetland Wonders; we could look at living things from wetlands and our gardens.  When we did our paintings to practice, we did drawings with charcoal.  The painting scene was a wetland and we did paintings of many creatures found there, like insects, reptiles, amphibians and birds.  My painting was a caddisfly (or in Latin: Trichoptera).  I had a great experience all day and it was enjoyable. – Daisy

Today we used an ipad and iScope to view tiny plants and animals and draw them on twelve circles in our Science book.  We also drew insects and birds with charcoal and painted them on a huge canvas.  They had to be painted on the wetlands scene canvas to scale, so they were bigger or smaller than the original drawing. – Alex

My learning time with Mrs Rossen was fun.  I learnt how to correctly use a brush and paint.  I also learnt to draw a picture without tracing it.  I really like painting my moth and using an iScope to look at animals. – Daniel

Today we painted different insects and other animals that live in the wetlands.  I painted the Crusader Beetle.  Also we drew animals and I drew a bird.  I learnt how to shade and not to press too hard so I could rub it out if needed.  It was great fun today! – Angus