The Arts curriculum is divided into 5 areas. Dance, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts and Drama. The Arts curriculum is written on the basis that all students will study at least two Arts subjects from Pre-primary to the end of Year 8 and it is a requirement that students study a performance subject and a visual subject.

At Coolbinia Primary School our teachers provide visual arts within their classroom practice and music (performance area) is provided by a specialist. Dance is basically an extra curriculum activity to give a children a richer school experience with the benefits of having expert instructors. Historically, we have provided very few opportunities for students to acquire and develop dance skills.

While dance is not specifically part of the Physical Education curriculum, it used to be.  Body awareness and fundamental movement skills certainly still are and naturally are needed to undertake dance. Of course there are physical fitness benefits that this activity brings.

At Coolbinia Primary School we are highly aware of the need to ensure our students are given opportunities to access all elements of the Western Australian Curriculum. This has been classified as an incursion opportunity and sits within the “Contributions and Charges Schedule” which was provided to all parents at the end of 2016 and passed by the School Board.