Congratulations to all of the after school RoboClub students who competed in the Morley Regional FIRST LEGO League (FLL) event at Hampton Senior High School last Saturday. 19 teams took part on the day including our two teams, The Coolbinia Skyscrapers and The Coolbinia Mechanics. The theme of this year’s FIRST LEGO League is City Shapers and is all about problem solving what solutions we need to help make cities thrive into the future. The teams took part in four events over the day which included the Robot Game (programming a LEGO EV3 robot to navigate, capture, transport, activate, or deliver objects around a city), Innovation Project (identifying a problem in cities, designing a solution and then sharing the solution with others and sharing it in a 5-minute presentation), Robot Design (10 minute interview about the robot design for the Robot Game) and Core Values (demonstrating how the teams have shown Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun through their FLL journey).

Coolbinia teams 1st and 2nd for Innovation Project and demonstrate outstanding Gracious Professionalism

All the students were sensational on the day and can be incredibly proud of what they achieved. Both teams placed in the Top 10 for the Robot Game and also were identified as having the top 2 presentations for the Innovation Project! The Innovation Project solutions of Micro:bit Sensor cycle helmet to repel swooping magpies from The Coolbinia Mechanics and Green Zone around inner city schools from the Coolbinia Skyscrapers were judged as the best on the day but the Coolbinia Mechanics just edged it to win the Innovative Solution Award. The Coolbinia Mechanics also placed in the top 6 teams on the day across all the events and as a result will take part in this weekend’s State Finals at Curtin University. If they win a place in the Top 5 teams at the Finals on Saturday then they would advance to one of the international events in 2020 in either Sydney (Australia), Nagoya (Japan), Houston (USA) or Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)! However, I am most proud of the fact that the students received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the judges about how they conducted themselves during the day including going above and beyond to meet, help and collaborate with other students from other teams.

With Thanks

I would firstly like to thank Geoff Kaye, our CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools expert and his son Marc Kaye who came into school and donated their time regularly during RoboClub sessions to assist with the programming of Robbie the Mechanoid and the Micro:bits. Also, Mrs Katie Marsell for helping on numerous sessions to assist with scripting and ideas for the presentations. Most importantly Dr Elaine Lewis. The FIRST LEGO League adventure would not have been possible without her and last week she was incredible especially when she led a couple of sessions due to my absence because of illness. Finally, I would like to thank all of the RoboClub parents for their support, help and flexibility. Best of luck to the Coolbinia Mechanics at the State Finals on Saturday and we will update you with how they get on.

Mr Ian Wilson

Digital Technologies and ICT Specialist