All instrumental lessons will begin week commencing 6 February 2017.

Violin/viola is on Mondays, Double Bass on Tuesdays and Cello on Wednesdays.  Please ensure your children have all the items they need on these days if they are involved in the SIMS program.

Lessons will be in my room on Mondays and Tuesdays and in the Board Room on Wednesdays.

The timetables that I have so far are as follows:

Double Bass – Tuesdays  9:45-10:15 in the COSCA building

Cello – Wednesdays  11:00 – Year 6,  11:30 – Year 5,  12:00 – Year 4 – in the Staffroom

Violin – Mondays in the COSCA Building 

Ensemble – Mondays 7.35 – 8.20am