Room 12 took some simple stories with a moral and embellished them with descriptive writing. They then turned them in to scripts, created their own Shadow Puppet theatres, filmed and edited their work to produce short movies. Check them out below and read their feedback.

Here’s some feedback from the students

I enjoyed the experience of filming a movie and making a theatre. My favourite part was making and editing the iMovie because I haven’t done it before. Next time we could add in some sound effects. Atticus S

I enjoyed making the theatre and editing the iMovie. I enjoyed making the theatre because it was quite challenging and fun. It felt like editing a real movie. Tyler B

I enjoyed the most the voice overs because we could make different tones for different people. I did like the whole process. Another thin I really enjoyed was making the shadow puppets and moving them. I loved the way the shadow puppets looked and moved, it was very entertaining. Ema G

I enjoyed the whole process but especially liked changing up the story because it was fun adding words and phrases which made the whole story much more interesting. I also liked decorating the theatre because it allowed us to be creative and build stuff. My favourite bit of the process was probably editing the video which included recording. I liked this because recording was fun. Vicky W

I enjoyed filming the shadow puppets because it was really fun to try out the voices and experiment with the torch and shadows. I also enjoyed presenting the film to the class. That was fun because we culd see other peoples’ reactions to the film. Ava O

Making the script was really fun because we got given a story that was a guide then we had to rewrite the story using detail and descriptive vocabulary to describe what was going on. Addison M

I really enjoyed filming with Orla as well as making the puppets and our theatre. I also liked the editing and making of the movie and doing the voice over on it because it was so much fun and really made us strive and work as a team. Acting as the puppets was a really amazing experience as we got to feel what they felt. Charlotte M

When I made the theatre, my mind was filled with endless possibilities and ideas. In this process you could let your creativity flow. We edited our iMovie until it was nearly perfect and time was up. Hanna-Grace T