Wow! What an unusual start to the year have we had in River Rangers. Owing to Covid-19 all of our planned incursions and excursions have been cancelled into the foreseeable future. We have been very fortunate to be able to reschedule Year 6 Camp from early May to December. Hopefully things will continue to improve and the sixes will be able to go! Across the school we have been involved in fundraising for the Bush Fire Appeal. We have also participated in Clean Up Australia Day throughout the school grounds and the bush land. Though things have slowed for the early years, over the coming months with the relaxation of restrictions, activities will recommence.

The GRIP Leadership conference held at the Perth Convention Centre had over a 1,000 Year 6 students attend from across the state. That same day, the WA government announced that no more than 500 people could attend events and the gradually increasing restrictions began. The sixes will be revisiting their ideas that came from the conference with a view towards affirmative action.

2020’s International Women’s Day Breakfast was attended by Year 6 Representatives Kamil and Olivia. We learned about how things for girls in education are so different around the world. Kamil and Olivia have ideas about how we at Coolbinia might contribute to increasing education rates among women in parts of the globe where there are less equal opportunities.

Year 5’s Youth Parliament was to have been held at Parliament House but was cancelled and may be reinstated later in the year. At this stage the rumour is that it will happen, perhaps in September. Students involved were disappointed when it was cancelled so we all hope that it will come back.

“We are working towards planting native seeds at the school, then looking after them in the refurbished shade house, for replanting around the school grounds and for fundraising both this and next year,” said Mr Joyce, the River Rangers coordinator. Look out for announcements about the seedlings later in the Spring (Djilba/Kambarang) and maybe you can take some to a good home!

Students have been involved in weeding the Kitchen Garden, though they sure pop back up quickly this time of year! Hopefully classes will begin seeding for winter veggies over the coming weeks.

A River Rangers “Make a bush land board game” competition will also be coming up. So get your thinking caps on and prepare! Details coming soon.