As part of the HASS Curriculum, students in Year 3 Room 4 developed an inquiry into the things that have changed and the things that have remained the same at Coolbinia Primary School since it opened in 1955.

As a class, we framed inquiry questions that we were interested in. We used varying methods to research answers to our questions, which we recorded and analysed. Room 4 had four very special guest speakers Max, Heather, Ross and Lisa. They are past students who visited us and told us stories of what CPS was like when it first opened.

Using our research, we created a 3 minute oral presentation on the things that have changed and remained the same at CPS since 1955. We learned that the original principal at CPS used to go to the swamp behind the oval and collect native animals like snakes and lizards to show students! We didn’t think that Ms. Holland will be doing this with us anytime soon!

Click here to see the visit from past Coolbinia PS students