PALS winners 2014

Coolbinia Primary School

Congratulations to all students and staff, as this year our whole school has engaged with an ‘Understanding Totems’ project, to enhance understandings of Aboriginal culture. We have been working with Peter (artist) and Miranda-Lee (bush foods and medicines) Farmer, and Coleen Sherritt (language and culture).

The totems project is being part-funded by a PALS grant.

PALS stands for the qualities of Partnership, Acceptance, Learningand Sharing.

This program encourages young people to take a leadership role in strengthening relationships in their local community between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

This year’s PALS project focuses on the ‘Arts’ category. So in learning about totems students have been drawing, painting, dancing, engaging in role plays, and much more.

Additional photos from this project may be seen in the Cross Curriculum Priorities web news, from June onwards.

Well done everyone.