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In the spirit of growing a strong community, the P&C is encouraging each family to play a small part in running an event to support our school. Children love to see you getting involved and the kids themselves are welcome encouraged to get involved too! Your support and effort will directly help our school, and make our social and fundraising events a great success. Let’s work together and be a cool school community!








The P&C have organised Coolbinia Primary’s first ever Colour Run and its going to be brilliant!


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.



When is it?


Friday 10th November is the new date, as it has been rescheduled due to bad weather. Cheer squads (parents/guardians etc) can set up on the oval from 1pm onwards. The kids will start at various times depending on their year group. First group will kick off around 1.30pm. It might be a case of older kids going first to show others how it is done.


Where is it?


On the school oval


I haven’t registered my child yet, is it too late?

Of course not, go directly to this link and register http://www.schoolfundraising.com.au/ it’s super easy. Then come back and read the rest.

Make sure you send your link world-wide to as many people overseas, interstate and locally. Don’t forget to hit up work friends, they love supporting the kids.

What if I don’t want to register on-line?

It’s generally easier if you do, however you can use the booklet that was given to your child when we started the campaign (orange and blue colours) a few weeks ago. Write in your donations in the back pages of the booklet and keep cash raised in a zip lock bag or similar. Keep it safe until money due in date arrives (more about this below)

Do I have to be involved in the event colour run on the day?

Students who think this is not their cup-of-tea are not forced to participate, but they will need to be in their class tent until their teacher gives them permission to leave.

My child will be away on the day, can we still fundraise?

Absolutely, and can still register on line and you will still get a prize the same as if you were in the event.


Is The Color Run Timed?

The Color Run is not a timed event. Participants tend to take their sweet time out there, as it’s all about fun. Students can run, walk, skip, crawl or cartwheel if there is a clear pathway to do so. Each year group will be given a set amount of time (likely 10 minutes) to run the course as many times as they like.

When will it start?

We aim to start the event at around 1.30pm. It will take about an hour to get through all the year groups. Teachers will tell their class when to jump up and head towards the start line.

Will there be food, coffee and a festival atmosphere?

You bet on your life there will be! The event is your kids chance to release a few more hundred endorphins. It’s their chance to show off their biggest, baddest dance moves while bopping around like crazy to some of the latest and greatest tunes. (yep, we’re talking about blowing colour out of their nose for the next few hours… or days).

There will be P&C cake stall and sausage sizzle lunch, you must pre-order your sausage sizzle before the day via the on-line canteen here https://www.ouronlinecanteen.com.au/.

DOS Coffee Van have also be there.

It has been arranged for some other surprise ‘colourful personalities’ to attend the event too, so look out for them.

Can I take photos or film at the event?

The Color Run is a great event to get great visuals for your memories, Facebook page or maybe you even take your photography more seriously and are wanting to prepare a portfolio. We welcome anyone to photograph or film at our event for PERSONAL use only. So please, come along, enjoy the event and take shots until your colourful heart is content. If your posting pics of other people’s kids onto social media, it’s always best to get the thumbs up from them first.

What happens if it is raining on the day?

The Colour Run is a rain, rainbow and shine event. We’ll only consider postponing or cancelling the event when safety is at stake.

Is water supplied?

We encourage all Colour Runners to bring a bottle of water with them to keep hydrated. There will be water stations points so kids can grab a sip if they need to. Help keep the oval clean and put all waste/cups in the bins provided, even if it’s not yours, be a legend, pick it up and put it in a bin!

Who is welcome to attend this event?

All are welcome! Mums, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, relatives, anyone really! Bring a rug or a chair and sit along the bunting line and cheer, scream & laugh until your heart is content.

Unfortunately, we only have enough colour powder supply for our school students.

Fancy rainbow unicorn dress-up is strongly encouraged for all cheer squad participants. Mrs Melville we a looking at you! Wink wink!

We have, however, allowed a couple of students and their carers who have been granted special invitation, from Sir David Brand School, so be sure to clap and cheers and give lots of high fives to them too! 🙂

What about kindy and Pre-primary kids, is this event a bit scary for them?

We have arranged to have a ‘kindy/pre-primary friendly’ obstacle course in the middle of the track just for kindy and pre-primary students. They will do the event separately from the bigger students.

What about kindy Green, they don’t attend on Friday’s

Kindy Green are cordially invited to this super fun event and we hope they are fundraising and can come along too. Kindy Green students, please be at your usual classroom at 1.30pm. Teachers will bring kindy children over at the correct time. Parents can then make their way to the oval to watch. It’s likely they will participate towards the end of the event.


How is the colour administered?

You will see smiling faces along the course with their main goal being to douse you in colourful powder to ensure you look like you ran through a beautiful rainbow by the time you cross the finish line. All colour powder technicians are trained to throw colour below shoulder height.

You are sure??? Teenagers with paint ball guns are not involved at any point?

Yes. We are 100% sure, no paint ball guns!

What is the colour made from? Does it stain?

The coloured powder we use is made from corn-starch and natural food dyes.  For more info regarding colour ingredients please see here (Colour Powder Ingredients#1, Colour Powder Ingredients #2).

Will the colour stain my hair?

The coloured powder does generally wash out of hair, however we do recommend you take precautions if you’re worried! The colour does tend to stick to lighter hair… Blondes you are warned! Oiling your hair before the run will help the colour wash out. If you’re having trouble washing it after the event, bi-carb soda and anti-dandruff shampoo will help get the stubborn colour out! We do not take any responsibility for additional costs associated with the removal of colour.

Will the Colour ruin clothes or running shoes?

The colour does mostly wash out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colourful, so leave your designer gear at home!

How do I preserve those precious colours in my shirt?!

If you would like to preserve the colour in your running shirt, spray it with vinegar, let it dry and then iron it. But if you wash it…. the colour eventually will come out.

Do the “Colour Zones” affect runner vision? Or breathing?

The colour powder used at The Color Run event is certified non-toxic and free of any heavy material. Our bright colours are cornstarch and Food grade dyes. As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes and our color throwers make sure to aim low as you pass by. Some Colour Runners opt to wear glasses or goggles for their eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for their mouths. In summary: We work pretty hard to make it so our precious Colour Runners get as much or as little colour on them as they like. For more info regarding colour ingredients please see here (Colour Powder Ingredients#1, Colour Powder Ingredients #2).

Do you have “cleaning stations”?

Students should see their parent or guardian for a good dusting off after the event. With a good dusting off, you aren’t 100% clean, but you are totally good for the drive home. It is actually pretty fun to see people still coloured up walking, riding and driving home from school. It is like a badge of honour!

How does the colour affect the inside of cars?

Most people bring some towels for the insides of their cars, just in case. It’s like driving home from the swimming pool in your swimsuit.

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the colour zones?

Our race photographers are totally fine shooting from a medium distance (10-15 meters). If you want to get shots right in the midst of the colour we recommend covering cameras/phones with glad wrap or placing your phone in a zip lock bag.


Why are we doing this crazy event and where does the money go?

The Coolbinia P&C have arranged this event to raise much needed funds to zhuzh up our undercover area. Most of the money comes back to us, some of it goes to cover the prizes you get for raising money and some goes towards bank and admin fees for the company that supplies the colour powder and all of the materials to run this event.

What’s in it for the kids?

Apart from sending the right message that running and playing outside is fun, kids get the awesome feeling knowing they are helping do something great for their own school and generations of kids to come after them.

Clearly our community needed another little push when only 10% of peeps registered on line in the first 4 weeks. So here is another incentive….

1. The class that raises the most money… ‘THE GOLD CLASS’ Experience,

2. The class that gets every class member raising money… AWESOME FUN STICKERS,

3. Class who gets donations from the most countries …15 MINUTES FREE PLAY

4. If the whole school gets donation from 20 different countries or more…FREE DRESS DAY!

I collected lots of cash from friends, family and neighbours, what do I do with it?

Convert your coins into notes if you can, makes counting easier for us, then bring those hard-earned dollars, sealed in an envelope, with students name clearly written and how much money is inside to the front office and place in the locked box provided, on or before MONDAY 13TH NOVEMBER.

That means you can keep fundraising over the school holidays and into next term 4!

When is fundraising cut off point?

It will be MONDAY 13TH NOVEMBER 2017.

How does my child claim their prize?

Prizes can be ordered online. You have 1 week after fundraising cutoff date to order your prize. For us that will mean prizes must be ordered before Monday 20th November.

If you’re not registered on-line, you can claim your prize by writing it on the back page of your brochure. There is a space to allow for this, then return to the front office locked box that says ‘Colour Run’ before Monday 20th November.

Prizes are delivered to school a few weeks later.


After School Stay-&-Plays


WHEN:  Term 3 & Term 4…watch out for updates in the P&C Bulletin

WHERE:  Coolbinia Primary School Nature Playground

The P&C is in the process of organising some Stay-&-Play events during Terms 3 and 4!  Kids will love the chance to play with their friends on the school playground after school, whilst giving you an opportunity to relax and catch up with other parents and caregivers. More information will be released as soon as the committee has finalised details.