P&C Events & Fundraising


In the spirit of growing a strong community, the P&C is encouraging each family to play a small part in running an event to support our school. Children love to see you getting involved and the kids themselves are welcome encouraged to get involved too! Your support and effort will directly help our school, and make our social and fundraising events a great success. Let’s work together and be a cool school community.


From the Events Committee
Coolbinia Primary School,
We’ve been quiet………its been a forced quiet……trust me we love a good chinwag.
We had planned a fantastic Fundraising and Quiz Night and were just about to announce ticket availability only to have our dreams of sweat pants, lycra, stonewashed denim, leather jackets, big hair and close proximity gathering, dash before our eyes. (can you guess the theme?)
We also had the intention of a Fun Run for the kids, but this idea ran away like we all now do when someone slightly coughs around us.
Due to recent advice regarding COVID-19 the Coolbinia P&C have decided to shift the festivities to Term 3.
So it’s not gone, it’s just postponed.
In the meantime we’d love to get some feedback on what you would like us to fundraise for this year. Please provide comment via email.
But sadly for now we’re retiring our dancing shoes until further advice. Things may change and in that event the events may be brought forward.
Keep Dancing 
The Events Sub-Committee