P&C Events & Fundraising


In the spirit of growing a strong community, the P&C is encouraging each family to play a small part in running an event to support our school. Children love to see you getting involved and the kids themselves are welcome encouraged to get involved too! Your support and effort will directly help our school, and make our social and fundraising events a great success. Let’s work together and be a cool school community.


Principal’s Challenge
You may have heard about this one! Get your fundraising freak on and help the kids of Coolbinia raise money for the school community. This year the kids aren’t doing the challenge……..Principal Westcott is! For every milestone raised Mr Westcott is required to go through with the challenges set.
To find out more refer to the information and donation sheets sent home with your kids on Monday or click here. 
But to increase your fundraising power we’ve established a Fundraising Page with My Cause so you can contact family and friends across the globe to donate.
Here’s the link to donate online.
Happy Fundraising! We’ll get cracking preparing the challenges.