Coolbinia Creators Excel At First Lego League (FLL) Competition

Congratulations to the ten Year 5/6 Robotics students who competed in the First LEGO League competition at St Stephens School in Tapping on Saturday.

The boys and girls competed in three main activities all focussed around the theme of Hydro Dynamics.

First, they had to code our new LEGO EV3 robots to navigate around a table and complete as many water themed challenges in two and a half minutes as they could. They got three goes at this and on the nail-biting third run managed to accumulate 60 points and finish ninth out of 24 teams. A magnificent achievement especially considering the number of high school teams competing.

Next, they had to take part in a Core Values Judging challenge where two judges gave the team a surprise teamwork activity to make a dog sled using their bodies. The students had to work quickly, communicate effectively and successfully completed the challenge as you can see from the picture.

Finally, the Coolbinia Creators had to deliver a 5 minute, pre-prepared Project Presentation where they had researched a problem, relating to water, in our community and design an innovative solution to solve it. The judges were looking for a rehearsed and polished presentation and particularly creativity in the presentation style. The students had decided to deliver the presentation as a skit which was entertaining, amusing and informative and received extremely positive feedback from the judges.

At the end of the event the winners of the 11 awards were announced and Coolbinia Creators were elated to be recipients of the Gracious Professionalism award!

What is Gracious Professionalism?

‘Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FLL. It’s a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.

With Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions. Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process. They avoid treating anyone like losers. No chest thumping tough talk, but no sticky-sweet platitudes either. Knowledge, competition, and empathy are comfortably blended.

In the long run, Gracious Professionalism is part of pursuing a meaningful life. One can add to society and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing one has acted with integrity and sensitivity.’

Not only that but we received news from the judges after the event that Coolbinia Creators had delivered the standout presentation! They were unable to win the presentation award because only one award can be given to any team. Many congratulations to our Robotics students who did our school very proud.

I would like to first thank my fellow coach, Dr Elaine Lewis and our STEM Professional, Mr Geoff Kaye who gave up a lot of time both after school and at lunch times assisting to prepare for the event. Also, a huge thank you to the parents of the Robotics students who not only transported the students to and from the event but also stayed the whole day and gave enthusiastic support throughout. Finally, I would like to thank the students for competing and participating in the event so responsibly. Congratulations! Roll on 2018!

NB Coolbinia Creations will be performing their FLL Presentation at the next Assembly on Friday 17 November for the school community.





Mr Ian Wilson
Technologies Specialist Years 3 – 6