Covid 19 Update
They say a week is a long time in football but it would seem a day is more appropriate in relation to the Corona virus outbreak sweeping the world. As you would have seen information provided to us from the Department of Education late on Monday has led us to cancelling or postponing a number of events and meetings.
I would like to thank everyone for their response to this news and for this communities’ wide ranging support in how this is being dealt with. We are trying to keep our communications to a minimum to avoid overloading everyone but again you will hear immediately if significant changes need to be made.
I would like to thank our school board for their support. They will continue to provide the school with feedback which we can take on board.
At this stage schools across the country remain open but this may change so it is important to let you know that we do have contingencies should this happen as has our Department. In the meantime, we have made available some resources for those who are unable to attend due to vulnerability to illness.
Groups such as Robotics, Chess, Ensemble and before school tennis and soccer are all still meeting until further notice.
I have attached information about the things we have put into place so far and encourage you all to have a read.
By continuing to work together we will ensure the best possible outcomes for all our students and we will try to keep the day to day running of the school as normal as possible to make school a safe, enjoyable and productive environment.