At the end of last term our very own Dr Elaine Lewis, Cross Curriculum Coordinator, travelled to Canada to attend the World Environmental Education Congress in Vancouver – where she presented a paper about our school’s Carbon Emission Reduction plans.

The delegates were very interested in our experiences here and our successes – and also shared some of their own.

Some of the key environmental education trends at the congress included:

  • Engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • First Nations histories and cultures
  • Nature schools
  • Waste management
  • River pollution management
  • Networking

All these areas are actually directly relevant to our own local context, for example:

  • Pollution challenges and solutions related to the Fraser River (Vancouver) and the work of our River Rangers for the health of the Swan River.
  • Teachers across the world sharing learning strategies and resources, such as materials for teaching about First Nations and Aboriginal peoples.

The Congress was an inspiring learning opportunity that will help develop our own cross curriculum planning at Coolbinia.