Last week the students in Years 3 – 6 were reintroduced to Robbie The Robot. In the last six months Robbie’s creators, Mr Geoffrey Kaye, our STEM Professionals in Schools Specialist and his son, Mark Kaye have been busily making upgrades and improvements to the original mechanoid design. Robbie is no longer a mechanoid, he is now a humanoid! The presentation of Robbie by Geoff and Mark to our students showcased the amazing things that Robbie can be programmed to do and highlighted the potential of how Robbie can be used around the school. The students in Years 3 – 6 are currently learning the visual programming language Blockly, through their Grok Learning activities, which they will be able to use to program Robbie. Make sure to look out for and say hello to Robbie in the classrooms and at special events throughout 2018. We would like to thank both Geoff and Mark Kaye for giving up their time to come and present to our students and also for providing us with Robbie for the year. We also wish them the best of luck as Robbie is a WA finalist in a national competition for Technologies that are set to transform education. We are extremely lucky to have Robbie!