On Wednesday 20 June the school choir and a selection of Year 6 students participated in the inaugural Meraki Festival at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The aim of the festival was to promote the participation and engagement of performing arts activities within WA. The meaning of ‘Meraki’ is to do something with soul, creativity or love and to put something of yourself into your work. I think that we can say that we fully achieved this with our performances.

This term has been extremely busy with rehearsals taking place before and after school and some lunchtimes and then a big rehearsal day leading up to the festival itself. Sixty eight children took part in the event along with students from seven other schools, including four high schools. Performances ranged from dance and musical theatre to our own performances of two of my songs ‘Everything Starts With a Thought’ and Don’t Think in Silos’. Each school had a theme for their item and ours was personal and Photos global sustainability.

We won an award for each song – the choir award and the vocal award. Four students (Emily S, Coco D, Tayla H and Jasmine W) also received scholarships. In addition, each school that participated received a $400 Yamaha music voucher.

The choreography for each song was done by students which really fitted in with the whole idea of them putting something of themselves into our items and some wonderful parents put together some amazing costumes.

It was a fantastic opportunity for all the students that took part and I hope that we can get involved again next year!

Look out for the photos to come next term.

Cathy Smith

Music Specialist