… From Garden Bed to Kwobadarn Tables!

Coolbinia’s Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program is deeply linked with other learning areas.  For example, this term students have been learning in:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences – farming and tools (Year 3),
  • Science – barley and wheat growing for the Mildew Mania program (Year 4/5), and
  • Design Technologies – engineering principles and systems, food and fibre production, food and technologies specialisations (Foundation – Year 6).

Students have planted different crops, such as peas, potatoes, beans, barley and tomatoes, as required by the program they were studying.  The photos show students planting, maintaining, harvesting, cooking and eating their produce:

…From Garden Bed to Early Childhood Tables!

Our Early Childhood children are also experiencing hands-on activities related to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.  Implementation of this occurs in class programs as well as the Design Technologies, Food and Fibre programs.  For example, photos below show ELC4 Pre-Primary students harvesting and cooking Beetroot and Chocolate Brownies:

What a great job the children did … and they enjoyed eating the brownies too!  Thanks to our dedicated staff for implementing such real-life and engaging learning programs.