In 2016 Coolbinia Primary implemented a whole school STEAM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) butterfly program to support the conservation of local butterfly species.  Students watched the life cycle of butterflies in their classrooms, and were amazed by transformations from eggs, to caterpillars, to chrysalis and butterflies.  The butterflies were then released into our butterfly host plant gardens.  During 2016, students planted many host plant seedlings for different local butterfly species.  See how they have grown!

The practical conservation aspects of this program has continued.  For example, the new native plants in the sculpture garden in the middle of the quadrangle are  host plants for the Australian Painted Lady Butterfly.

Another way our school is sharing our butterfly knowledge and skills is by presenting professional learning sessions for other schools.  Last Monday teachers from other schools, from South Coogee Primary to Davailla and Lake Monger Primary, attended a workshop to learn how to implement their own butterfly programs.  Coolbinia’s butterfly resources have also been made available to other schools on a teacher website.