Dear Parents,

On Thursday 14th June 2018 the students in Pre Primary and Year One are participating in a minibeast incursion to complement their Term Two biological science studies.  The students will be learning more about:-

  • The environment
  • Worm roles in waste management
  • Recycling
  • Worm biology
  • Sustainability
  • Gardening


The students also get to make their own mini worm farm to keep!

Please bring in a clean 1.25 or 2 litre plastic bottle before the day (soft drink or water only, milk bottles are not suitable). You will need to cut the necks off the bottles so that they become a cylinder shape, i.e. the kids have to be able to put their hands into the bottles, please see image above.

Kind regards

Rachael McGlinchey, Kathleen Bower, Clare De Felice, Sally Walsh and Cilla Hampton

Coolbinia Primary School

Wormshed Incursion 2018 (5) – Permission Slip