At 9.00am we boarded the bus and departed on the one hour drive to Dwellingup Camp. When we finally got there we were given our first brief. Then we went on our first activity, Ambush, which was a fun game in the bush. We were then assigned groups rotating jobs such as dishes, setting up meals etc.

Over the next few days we went on a 100m flying fox, abseiling tower, orienteering, bush walking and kayaking. These activities were spread over 4 days of fun. Every night we sat around the fire sharing candy or stargazing then we’d go back to our dormitories to go to sleep.

After 4 longs days of enjoyable activities we finally headed back to school. Overall it was one of the best experiences we’ve all had and we couldn’t have asked for better teachers.

Written by Angus E (Room 11)

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