Virtues Program

The current focus virtue at our school is Patience

Patience is quiet hope and trust – expecting things to turn out all right.  Patience is being calm and tolerant when difficult things happen.   It means showing acceptance when you or others make mistakes.  Patience is doing something now, so that later it will bear fruit, like planting a seed and waiting for it to grow.

We will be talking about and rewarding examples of patience that we see at school and would ask you to pay particular attention to this virtue in your home environment.

You can practise patience at home by:

  • planting something to watch it grow
  • setting goals and sticking with them until they are finished
  • accepting things you cannot change, with humour or grace.

Virtues at Coolbinia Primary School

Coolbinia Primary School is using The Virtues Project™ as a framework for our own Virtues Program. We highlight specific core values at school to enhance social and emotional learning.  The aim is to support our students in developing the skills and qualities they need to be successful in school and in life.  We change virtues on a regular basis and teachers and students take part in activities that focus the students’ thinking on this particular virtue.

A reward system has been created to support the development of core virtues. When students demonstrate any of the virtues anywhere in the school, they can be awarded a Virtues Voucher and will go in the draw to win a Boya voucher at the weekly Mini Meeting.

At home, parents and care givers can support and gain from the school Virtues Program.  As each new Virtue is introduced at school, information is placed on this page to provide parents and care givers with information and ideas focused on using the virtue in the home environment.

Miss McNamara is coordinating the Virtues Program at Coolbinia Primary School.