In the Languages learning area, students learn to communicate effectively in Languages Other Than English (LOTE). They gain an understanding of other societies, the ability to interact with people and cultures other than their own and practical skills which they can use in future social, cultural and vocational areas. The study of a Language builds a solid foundation for students to pursue language learning after they leave school, through further study, employment, travel, in family contexts or for personal enjoyment.

Through the Languages program at Coolbinia Primary School students are able to further develop their skills and understandings in other Curriculum areas including, but not limited to, English, Numeracy and Humanities. An essential element of learning Italian is the development of an understanding of the oral and written language system. This exploration of language strongly supports literacy development generally, and English language development specifically through a process of identification of similarities and differences between English and Italian.

There is also a heavy focus on developing cultural understandings, showing appreciation of different cultural traditions and making connections with each students own heritage by recognising similarities and differences between their family’s cultural background, the Australian culture and Italian culture.

Students participate in a variety of learning experiences with a large focus on oral and aural activities. They are given the opportunity to participate in and/or create role plays, create art projects based on their Italian learning and understandings, research and present information using different IT programs and learn through songs and games.

The Italian language program at Coolbinia Primary School is taught in line with the Australian curriculum.  Depending on year level the following reporting schedule applies:

Years 2,3,4,5,6  Listening, Responding & Speaking (semester 1 & 2)
Years 4,5,6  Viewing, Reading and Responding (semester 1 & 2)
Years 6  Writing (semester 2 only)

This information is a brief overview of the Italian program intended to give you some understanding and insight into this learning area.


Signora Ashkenazy