Good afternoon everyone,
I would like to confirm with you all the following information regarding the remainder of this term. You are asked to keep your children home. Where this is not possible due to employment, children are able to attend school. Learning will continue for these students until the end of next week, Friday 3 April.  

For students at home please refer to the last school Bulletin. There are resources located in the Library of the School Space. Please do not get too concerned over the amount of learning your child is able to do. We do not wish to cause you or your children unnecessary stress. Complete only what you feel you can and that your child can cope with. The DOE has some great information which can be found here.

During the last week of term students who cannot be at home will be supervised at school however all learning programs cease. This will give teachers and education assistants time to prepare for Term 2.  I can assure that the model next term will look different.

Thank you to all those who have shown support for our staff. I will keep you all informed as we get a better idea of what is happening next term. This is new for us all and I know it can be a challenge to have everyone at home for an extended period of time. Our goal is to try and provide as much support as we are able, and my wish is that we all get through this, remaining healthy in both body and mind.

Take care all of you.

Paul Westcott