Chemical Science is an exciting field of science.  Professor Oxie Jenn has been providing weekly chemistry investigations that feature the ‘wow’ factor.  If you want some Fizzy Fun, Prof Jenn suggests you view:  for 10 easy bubbly experiments.

In addition to the joys of experimentation, there are other aspects to Chemical Science that are important too, such as, how does Chemical Science link with the Cross Curriculum Priorities (CCP)?  Here are some examples:

  • Year 1 Aboriginal CCP, Chemical Science Elaborations – exploring how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples apply physical changes to natural materials to render them useful for particular purposes, such as fires for cooking; preparation of poisonous seeds for eating.
  • Year 4 Sustainability CCP, Chemical Science Elaborations – considering how the properties of materials affect the management of waste or can lead to pollution.
  • Year 6  Asian CCP, Chemical Science/Nature & Development of Science – researching award winning Thai researcher, Pimchai Chaiyen who investigated a cleaner way to produce chemicals.

How does Chemical Science link to STEM inquiries?  This term, for instance, some classes will be experimenting with different methods of producing wrapping paper using various chemical mixtures.  Other classes will be investigating food reservation, safe household cleaners, managing oil spills and more.