Rubbish Recording and Reduction

Last Friday 2 March all students at Coolbinia Primary School took part in Clean Up Australia Day. All rubbish left at the school that day was collected by the students and placed into bags.

The Year 4 students in Rooms 9 and 10 were posed a few questions during their Digital Technologies lessons last week. These included:

  • What kinds of rubbish are there?
  • How much rubbish do you think you bring in to school each week?
  • How much rubbish do you think you and your family produce each week?
  • How much rubbish do you think people produce worldwide each day?

The students came up with some creative and well thought responses. They then completed a Plus, Minus, Interesting chart while researching about food waste and global rubbish statistics.

This week the Year 4 students are going to sort and categorize all the rubbish collected from Clean Up Australia day into different types. They will then weigh the rubbish and record the data.  Next week the students will learn how to represent that data in a variety of ways using Excel. Data Collection and Data Interpretation are key concepts in the new Digital Technologies curriculum and this important learning experience is a wonderful opportunity to tie in with our cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability.

There will be updates on the data collected in coming weeks.

Ian Wilson

Technologies Specialist