Lets hope we never have to put this information to use… but just in case, lets be prepared.
Bushfire Zone Register
The Department of Education (the Department) is committed to maximising the safety of its students and staff. Coolbinia Primary School has been added to the Bushfire Zone Register. Inclusion on this register means that the school may be required to invoke a pre-emptive closure on a day for which a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating (FDR) has been declared for Coolbinia. A Catastrophic FDR means that if a fire starts, it is likely to be uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast moving.
What does this mean for our school?

If the school receives such a direction, you will be informed of the possible planned closure by an email or text message. Further communications of any changes to this status will be by the same methods.

How will I know when the school is reopening?
It is anticipated that the school will typically only be required to close for a single day at a time, but this will depend on the weather. You will receive an email or SMS to advise you whether the school will reopen the day after the planned closure, or whether it will remain closed. The school website will contain a notice to advise you of the current status of the school closure and when it is expected to reopen.