On the last week of Term One students had the opportunity to experience eating an authentic Italian gelato. It was lovely to see the students appreciate the gelato, and make comparisons to ice cream they normally eat at home. Students also did a fantastic job of ordering their gelato in Italian! Bravi! Thank you to all the staff, parents and students who helped to create this wonderful memory for Coolbinia Primary School. Here are some reflections from the students…..

Oggi we had gelato. Tino served us. I had straciatella. I thought it had less sugar and it was softer and much creamier and tastier than normal ice cream. I learned how to say please in Italian. It was the best!

Spider Year 3

The gelato I had, had a different texture to the ice cream that I am used to, and the flavours were different. I had biscottino (cookies). It was very creamy.

Hannah Year 4

During the last week of term we had a Gelato Van come to visit the school. Tino from Amico Café’ offered us a range of flavours. The flavours were limone  (lemon), mango(mango), cioccolato (chocolate), vaniglia (vanilla), straciatella (choc chip) and biscottino (cookies). I personally liked the mango and chocolate. My rating for this experience is about 9 out of 10. Thanks Signora Demaio.

Zain Year 6