The 2017 National NAPLAN information is now available on the My School website. It provides information about our Year 3 and Year 5 students’ performance as indicated by NAPLAN assessments.

Progress over time can also be seen with data tracking cohorts across years. Parents need to be aware that from year to year, classes and cohorts as a whole, differ for a variety of reasons and caution needs to be considered when comparing such things as the same year level over a number of years.

Coolbinia Primary results are very good, however, NAPLAN results are only one way in which the school monitors its effectiveness and maps the achievement and progress of each child.

Our processes of review and self-assessment are complex and rigorous and guide future planning towards the targets outlined in our Business Plan. These cover both academic and non academic areas.

Each year the analysis of our NAPLAN results are shared with the School Board and these are mapped against the targets of the Business Plan. This was done last year at the stage when each school only had their own results.

On the My School website, a summary of comparative performance in all areas can be found by selecting “Results in Numbers” from the Menu once on the page for Coolbinia Primary. This provides a comparative picture, comparing our school results with all schools in Australia as well as a group of schools which are considered to have similar characteristics to our school. From this table it is easy to see if a school’s results are substantially above, above, equal to, below or substantially below that of all Australian schools or similar schools.

The My School website also contains information about each school’s finances, however, it must be stressed that reading the accompanying notes and information will provide details about how the final figures were compiled as resources external to the school (eg central and regional resources) have also been included as an allocation per school. A more school specific yearly overview of finances can be found in the Annual Report each year which is uploaded to the Department of Education website in the Schools Online section by the end of Term 1.